The trouble with being born

... just a great effort!
In my previous post I promised that today I would talk about zoology! Walk over if not interested :)
Last April, we had the opportunity to see some chicks born. Each year, in spring, the Museum of Natural Science of Trento organizes an exciting event for children but also for those who want to learn more about the intellectual capacity of the chicks.
The museum is set up a large chicken coop. There are no chickens, but there are incubators where the eggs are incubated for 21 days.
Children can get in touch with these soft friends and cuddle a little bit. (Actually, not only children can cuddle the little birds ...)
The newborns remain in the incubator for 24 hours after birth. Then they are left free to roam in an area heated by lamps. From that moment the chicks become independent, small grain-fed and they poop everywhere!
There is no one there?It's me, your brother!
Then ... Something incredibly wonderful happens. The chick inside the egg relaxes his body and break the shell with its beak.
This phase can last for hours. It's a task that requires great effort on the part of the chick.A small flip and the chick sees the light.
If inside the incubator are the "elder brothers", they shall "steal" the yolk sac. No worries for the newcomer: the chick is fed by absorbing the yolk of the egg for the next two-three days after hatching.
A little rest to recover from the stress of birth! The chicks remain in the incubator for at least 24 hours after hatching, the time required to completely dry the feathers. Feathers become yellow, brown ... and sometimes black ...
Looks like mom or dad?
Blue or pink ribbon?Even from the early days of life is possible to know if the chick will be hen or rooster.
The female has the wing's feathers any longer other shorter, while the male has all the same length.

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  1. Giuli, che tenerezza!!! :D

  2. Che meraviglia! sono rimasta con il fiato sospeso fino alla fine!! Bellissime foto e stupendo racconto!

  3. Che meraviglia il miracolo della nascita!! Io ho assistito al parto di 4 cuccioli di una gatta... un'emozione indescrivibile (a tratti anche disgustosa per la verità...)
    Mi è piaciuto questo post zoologico!!! :D

  4. Questa è la fortuna di chi vive tra il verde! Qui da noi in città le uova le vediamo solo sul banco degli iper... che tristezza!!!!!
    Bellissimo questo racconto!

  5. Che splendida esperienza!!! Racconto stupendo e foto.. strepitose!!! Benvenuto al fiocchetto giallo!!!

  6. E pensare che da piccolo avevo sperimentato la cova con un'incubatrice handmade... logicamente senza successo.

  7. Che cosa meravigliosa! Bellissimo post. Grazie!


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