Just a minute in... March 2014

Here I am.  
March has flown by, I haven't even seen it.
Spring days are here again! Cold mornings and sunny afternoons.  
Now everything will be more colorful.
Just a minute in March:
Wanting to live like an Amish. At least for a while. Live life a little more simply, back to basics way of living...
Playing "get into the head of my teenage daughter to see how she does". It was not funny at all :( 
Anxiously waiting  for the fourth season of The Walking Dead and getting bored until episode no. 16 but who are these people? But mostly they do?? Are they cannibals? The last 15 minutes of the episode were what we'd been waiting for all season!
Receiving my camera from the service center after its incident at the airport. Damage: broken display and zoom off-axis. Happy to take some pictures.
Experimenting with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Lots of opaque and velvety colors. They said this is the best chalk paint in the world: and they were right! Nothing compared to the chalk paints tested so far.  
Picking up some lovely little wood violets. You know those intense sweet scent that remind you of your mom? I thought no longer existed but I found them!
Sleeping. A lot. 
Realizing that we all (me & family) need a break. Waiting until Summer holiday is really hard! :(
this quote "Art is never finished, only abandoned" ~Leonardo da Vinci  
Have a wonderful weekend!

1 commento

  1. Ciao!!!
    adoro The Walking Dead!!! il finale di stagione ha lasciato un po' tutti a bocca asciutta, ma resta comunque un telefilm magnifico!!
    Le foto che hai postato sono stupende, immagino ti abbiano ispirata tantissimo :)
    Non saprei scegliere quella più bella :)
    Mi piace questo post, colorato personale leggero... proprio come la primavera!!
    Un abbraccio a presto! :*


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